‚ÄčWelcome to the Knight Readers Page!
All students are invited to attend, one, two, three, or all meetings!
Last Meeting: Wednesday, May 8th-after school in the IMC (join our pizza party)

Questions? See Mrs. Wojtecki!
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Summer Reading Challenge:

The Knight Reader student who reads the MOST books this summer will win a $25 Amazon gift card! ANY current NHS student can participate in the contest. In order to participate, you need to:

Create a Wikispaces account if you don't already have one-free at www.wikispaces.com

1. Email Mrs. Wojtecki and angela.wojtecki@nordoniaschools.org or stop in the IMC and see her and tell her your Wikispaces username and email address! She will then add your username to this Wiki discussion group!

2. For every book (or eBook) title you read this summer (starting June 5th), you will need to track it on this Wiki discussion page (pin in the top right corner)--Find your name, then one posting per book (include your overall thoughts on the book and a summary-do not give away the ending)! You can also read and comment on others' books as well if you would like!The more discussions, the better!
-If it is an eBook title, please note that as well in your posting!-

3. The student with the most posts (titles) under his/her name will win the gift card from Mrs. W!
Contest ends on Sunday, August 18th, 2013.

Email Mrs. Wojtecki at any time if questions-I will check my email often (except for a few weeks in July when I am in England)!