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Akron-Summit County Library's CultureGrams Online:
Click on World Edition, then click on country of religion origin
Search in top right search bar

Online Resources by Gale: YOU WILL NEED Password: (hint:our mascot)

1. World History in Context: Scroll down to bottom left--RELIGIONS then VIEW ALL

2. Student Resources in Context--
Scroll down to bottom right-World Cultures and Religions--and click on VIEW ALL

INFOHIO Resources-
username: our school district 1st name
Password: our mascot

1. WORLDBOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA: Search your religion's name in search bar

2. EBSCO HOST-Academic Search Premier
Click the Ebsco Icon,
Select Academic Search Premier box, then continue
Then type in religion/topic in the top search bar

On left side of IMC Research Portal under eBooks-click on RELIGION to view our eBooks on Religions of the World